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Construction and Real Estate

The Construction and Design departments are the masterminds behind the design and construction of all retail and major corporate projects for Safeway.  They are responsible for equipment selection and procurement, energy management and the maintenance of all retail facilities.  They work closely with the Real Estate Department, who purchases and entitles all new store locations for the company’s leased properties.

Property Development Centers

Property Development Centers (PDC) is a wholly owned subsidiary that specializes in Safeway’s retail shopping center development.  The PDC team obtains entitlements for property, transforms shopping centers and leases retail space to third parties.  Capitalizing on Safeway’s real estate acumen, the team’s projects play a critical role in the development and expansion of our business.

Property Development Associates

Property Development Associates (PDA) is a division of Safeway that focuses on the leasing and disposition of Safeway-owned shopping centers and surplus properties.  In addition to acquiring Safeway leasehold positions, the division provides valuation services and manages the properties.  PDA has an impressive portfolio, managing approximately 8 million square feet with nearly 400 tenants in Safeway-owned shopping centers.

Facilities Management

The Corporate Facilities Management Department plays a key role in operating and maintaining all Safeway owned and leased non-retail properties, as well as its assets.  Integrating the principles of business administration, architecture and behavioral and engineering services, the team is responsible for coordinating and overseeing the cost-effective, secure and environmentally friendly initiatives including:

  • Maintaining a fresh herb garden for use in our employee café
  • Managing the composting of used coffee grounds on our corporate campus

With the department serving a vital function in our company, Safeway offers plenty of opportunities for those interested in this field to advance their career.

“I’m excited everyday working on challenging projects that reach millions of customers, working with people from so many different backgrounds.”