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This is an exciting time to join Safeway. As a Fortune 100 Company with 160,000 employees, we are continually expanding the wide range of opportunities we offer to help our teams build and advance their careers. From Marketing to Finance, from IT to Operations, from Real Estate to Construction, in the United States and Canada, Safeway is where your career accelerates.

Safeway provides its employees with the knowledge base and skill set to succeed personally and professionally, encouraging them to maximize their potential through diversity network groups, succession planning and ongoing development opportunities.

Safeway’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is a longstanding, core element of our company philosophy.


Effective, efficient and with a strong eye for detail, the Accounting staff at Safeway handles functions across all Divisions and Departments.

You will be relied on to process payroll, check authorizations, billing, accounts payable and receivable, and all general accounting functions.


The clerical and administrative teams play a key role in the success of our company. They provide the resources and support to management of all levels and are vital for our departments to continually achieve high-quality results.

We offer a number of great opportunities for individuals to build a solid career as an Administrative Assistant, Executive Assistant and Clerical Support Professional. Often referred to as the “glue” to the organization, our administrative teams play a key role in the continued success of Safeway.

Call Center / Customer Service

This is one of the most critical business units at Safeway.

By listening to customers and their concerns, you will personally be providing the world-class service that is the cornerstone of our success. Answering questions and efficiently resolving service inquiries, you give a caring, human voice to our company.


This group has wide responsibility that extends across all communications within the company.

Using up-to-the-minute technology, they manage three studios and broadcast approximately 60 hours of programming each week. The team also prepares professional PowerPoint presentations for the Corporate Executive and Senior Management staff, manages 2,000 downlink sites, and produces all of the company’s internal videos for communication, training and marketing.

Construction/Real Estate/PDC & PDA/Facilities

The Construction and Design departments are the masterminds behind the design and construction of all retail and major corporate projects for Safeway.

They are responsible for equipment selection and procurement, energy management and the maintenance of all retail facilities. They work closely with the Real Estate Department, who purchases and entitles all new store locations for the company’s leased properties.

Property Development Centers
Property Development Centers (PDC) is a wholly owned subsidiary that specializes in Safeway’s retail shopping center development. The PDC team obtains entitlements for property, transforms shopping centers and leases retail space to third parties. Capitalizing on Safeway’s real estate acumen, the team’s projects play a critical role in the development and expansion of our business.

Property Development Associates
Property Development Associates (PDA) is a division of Safeway that focuses on the leasing and disposition of Safeway-owned shopping centers and surplus properties. In addition to acquiring Safeway leasehold positions, the division provides valuation services and manages the properties. PDA has an impressive portfolio, managing approximately 8 million square feet with nearly 400 tenants in Safeway-owned shopping centers.

Facilities Management
The Corporate Facilities Management Department plays a key role in operating and maintaining all Safeway owned and leased non-retail properties, as well as its assets. Integrating the principles of business administration, architecture and behavioral and engineering services, the team is responsible for coordinating and overseeing the cost-effective, secure and environmentally friendly initiatives including:

  • Maintaining a fresh herb garden for use in our employee café
  • Managing the composting of used coffee grounds on our corporate campus

With the department serving a vital function in our company, Safeway offers plenty of opportunities for those interested in this field to advance their career.


Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) supports the Safeway Merchandising, Own Brands and Supply Chain organizations by providing consumer-based strategic and core business analyses to drive business decisions that maximize shareholder value.

These analyses often focus on specific category performance measurements incorporating financial and non-financial metrics such as market share, household penetration and basket size. Responsibilities also include annual and periodic planning, forecasting, and reporting.

Home Delivery Operations

With a reputation for legendary customer service, Safeway consistently provides a world-class grocery shopping experience—and the home delivery system through Safeway.com is no different.

Allowing customers the convenience of grocery shopping without leaving their home, Safeway.com serves as an innovative and integral part of what makes us the food retailer of choice. The grocery home delivery service currently operates in California, Arizona, Nevada, Maryland, Oregon, Washington, Virginia and Washington, D.C. and is quickly developing to serve our ever-growing online customer base. Help us redefine the future of Safeway by joining this cutting edge business unit as we continue to expand our home delivery options.

Human Resources

Human Resources is the growing, fast-paced center of talent acquisition, employee/leadership development, compensation, benefits, talent management, and other HR Services.

With an eye for potential talent, the department selects, trains and advances our employees to ensure success in their business unit. Along with helping employees achieve their career goals, the team is also an instrumental force in facilitating strategic and organizational change through the use of cutting-edge techniques and tools. Safeway offers a wide range of opportunities for individuals to join and advance their careers within our Human Resources Department.

Information Technology

The Information Technology (IT) department offers state-of-the art, enterprise-wide solutions to ensure that the right information is available to the right people at the right times.

The Safeway IT department supports the business objectives of increasing sales, reducing costs and providing superior customer service.

Legal / Public Affairs / Government Relations

Corporate Legal attorneys are responsible, either directly or through the supervision of retained outside law firms, for protecting the company’s legal interests and advising management in regard to a wide range of laws and legal subject areas.

Including: corporate governance, securities, antitrust, contracts, consumer protection, employment, environmental, food safety, regulatory, intellectual property and litigation.

Marketing / Advertising / Merchandising

The Consumer Marketing, Advertising and Marketing Strategies Department focuses on developing a deep understanding of consumer behavior to drive brand strategy and marketing execution.

The team works in disciplines including project management, account services, consumer segmentation, analysis and research, strategic brand planning and media strategy. With a “Center of Excellence” philosophy, the department has consistently delivered consumer-centric brand strategies that resonate with consumers and further differentiate Safeway from its competitors. We deliver the “Ingredients for Life” promise, enhance the shopping experience for our customers, and drive sustainable revenue and profit growth. We continually offer a number of competitive opportunities for individuals to join this exciting, fast-paced department.

Merchandising – Non-Perishables
The non-perishable consumer demand groups are in charge of determining item mix within a category, and how a category will be promoted. Our decisions are based on a consumer centric model, determining how we merchandise our stores and the items chosen for promotion. Non-perishable business groups includes the following business units:

  • Beverage/Snacks/Alcohol/Tobacco
  • Home Care/General Merchandise/Family Care
  • Main Meal/Ingredients
  • Pharmacy

Merchandising – Perishables
Our perishable merchandising groups hone in on the needs and wants of our customers. Their research provides us with the insight necessary to make innovations that reflect the changing dynamics of our markets. Perishable merchandising groups also determine the item mix within their business units and strategize promotional tools and tactics for given categories. Such business units include:

  • Bakery/Deli/Food Service/Starbucks/Jamba Juice
  • Dairy/Refrigerated/Frozen
  • Produce/Floral
  • Meat/Seafood

Own Brands

Own Brands operates as the leaders of our extensive portfolio of world class brands with the Safeway organization. Some of our key focus areas are innovation, product development, brand management and category development. We are a group that unites the best of retail with the best of CPG to create proprietary products and brands for our shoppers with the goals of building loyalty and showing value to our shoppers.

Quality Assurance / Food Science

Safeway differentiates itself from competitors by providing the highest quality products to its customers at the best price available.

To maintain our competitive advantage, we rely on the support of our Quality Assurance & Consumer Protection team to implement key company initiatives. Their work ensures that our products are safe, wholesome, accurately measured, properly labeled and correctly priced. The QACP team also works closely with many other Safeway divisions, including internal and external manufacturing, field operations, procurement, product development, distribution and marketing, as well as our retail stores.

Retail Operations

Our Retail Operations department connects our corporate headquarters to our retail stores.

The department serves as the source of most corporate communication to our in-store employees, while also brainstorming and implementing the measures that keep our company in the forefront of the retail grocery sector. Typically working three to five years ahead of the company, the Retail Operations department focuses on “big picture” goals – increasing the efficiency of our company and keeping our customers happy and returning to our stores. The team also plays an active role researching, organizing and preparing materials for the Senior Management Meetings, Division President Meetings, annual Store Manager Meetings and the annual Investor Conference.

Supply Chain / Strategic Sourcing

The Supply Chain team touches every part of our business, ensuring that products move promptly from our suppliers, manufacturing plants, distribution centers and retail stores.

With responsibilities including the sourcing, procurement and coordination of deliveries, this group is the driving force of managing a product’s lifecycle. If you want to advance your skills in strategic sourcing, the art of negotiation, demand planning, inventory management and supply planning, a position on our Supply Chain team may be just the challenge that you are looking for.
“I’m excited everyday working on challenging projects that reach millions of customers, working with people from so many different backgrounds.”